The first settlers in Wallingford appeared in 1773 and carved out an area roughly 6 miles by 6 miles with mountains on two sides and a river meandering through it’s center. Within a few years mills that produced the world’s finest pitchforks grew along the river. Prosperous mill owners built grand mansions along Wallingford’s Main Street and many of these homes are still standing. Over time the town grew with smaller hamlets scattered along it’s edges and the tiny pitchfork mill growing into the company Tru-Temper, eventually becoming a world class multi-national company.

Over a hundred years later our town is still a mill town with Tru- Temper’s 7 a.m. whistle calling workers to begin their way to the mill that now produces wooden handles for shovels, and other tools. Other aspects of our town are also still trapped in time: village residents are required to collect their mail at the village post office ensuring daily greetings and conversation. The old smoke house Wallingford Locker sends the smell of bacon smoking over corn cobs ever so lightly through the air. Children frolic on the beach of Elfin Lake a short walk from Main Street while hikers transcend the steep paths of White Rocks Park and its chilly ice beds.

The people of Wallingford realize that the outside world is there, but rest well knowing that at least in one place time ticks slowly by.


  • Wallingford recreation fields…baseball, tennis or just playing with your dogs. The perfect country park.

  • Wallingford Town Hall. An amazing amount of government packed into one small building.

  • I.B. Munson House. A charming B&B complete with a Victorian interior sure to rekindle any romance.

  • Wallingford Locker. Cobb smoked bacon, 2″ thick Delmonico steaks. An old fashion butcher that people drive hours to visit. Bring your cooler.

  • Gilbert Hart Library. One of the finest examples of Classical revival architecture in the state of Vermont.

  • Green Hill Cemetery. With graves dating back to the 1600’s and rolling mountains, this a must see attraction. Perfect for hiking or dog walking.

  • White Rocks. An excellent place to hike and explore with views of Wallingford. Check out the famous Ice Beds at the foot of the rocks.

  • White Rocks Inn. A beautiful Inn, amazing paneled barn and they have a cool vintage limo at your service.

  • Klock House. One of our finest examples of classical architecture in the village.

  • The Victorian Inn at Wallingford. Once an Inn, now of the finest restaurants in the North East. We’re lucky to have it.

  • Wallingford House Hotel. Built originally as the Tru-Temper Inn, this handsome building is now an assisted living facility.

  • Paul Harris Building. Founding father of the Rotary Club was born in the house next door and he started his club in this building on Main Street.

  • Elfin Lake. A spring fed glacial lake at the foot of the Taconic Mountains. Sandy beach with lifeguards all within walking distance of the village.